RacerTape is newest and best way to adhere your race number to your bike jersey, runners shirt, or triathlon top. The old way was to use safety pins, which were not only uncomfortable, but did damage to the new high tech fabrics that almost every manufacture uses today. These safety pins never seemed to attach the race number in a secure and comfortable manner. The edges are always sticking up with the possibility of ruining your aerodynamics as well as rubbing on your arms causing injury. How about the dreaded pin opening up and actually sticking you.

With RacerTape all you have to do apply the specially formulated tape the the back of your race number and press onto your clothing. What you get is a totally secure, and long lasting hold. This tape is strong enough to withstand wind, sweat, heat, and cold without peeling off until you want it to. The tape will not harm the special coatings on your high tech fabric, as well as not harming the special print on your clothing.

RacerTape is simple to apply. Stays on until you remove the race number. It is the most cost effective way to “dump the pins” at every race.


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